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As a collector, you know your collection inside and out. But, do your potential heirs? In clear, practical terms, industry veterans James L. Halperin and Gregory J. Rohan, with Mark Prendergast, provide you with invaluable guidance on how to:

  • Document your collection
  • Safeguard your collection
  • Evaluate your collection
  • Sell your collection
  • Minimize taxes upon transfer
  • Make the most effective charitable gift
  • Help your heirs...and much more

Revised and updated to include the most recent federal tax law changes and new information on collectibles and charitable planning. The Collector's Handbook will help you protect your investment. Wherever your motivations in collecting, this book will help make you a more intelligent collector.

Have you inherited a collection? Or perhaps you yourself are a collector who wants to build the finest possible collection within your budget, while also someday leaving your heirs in the best financial position. In either case, we recommend you purchase or download The Collector's Handbook. This book is a valuable a step-by-step guide for buyers and heirs to maximize the financial aspects of any collection. From record keeping and preservation to taxes and tax and estate planning to the best liquidation methods for maximizing proceeds, this handy primer cuts
right to the chase. It is mostly written for the active collector, but pertinent chapters also have "Tips for Heirs" sections to aid non-collectors in avoiding common pitfalls after inheriting a collection. And once you've read this book, its convenient size makes it perfect for inclusion, perhaps alongside your collection, in a bank vault or safe deposit box.

Editorial Reviews

"...helpful summaries about care of collections, security, and tax pitfalls." The Philadelphia Inquirer "Minimize inheritance headaches and heartaches... Experts' tips for winning encounters with coin dealers and the IRS." The Centinel "Must reading for most of today's collectors." Coins Magazine "...your heirs deserve knowledge and truth about your holdings. Your use of this book should help, and --- especially for those of you with a valuable collection --- a copy for your heirs would not be amiss."

- COINage Coin Collector's Yearbook

"...deserves to be in the hands of any collector of coins, serious or frivolous. It gives excellent advice for maintaining records, caring for, safeguarding and for disposing of a numismatic collection. Dealers would do well to recommend it to their customers --- after reading it themselves."

- Col. Bill Murray, noted numismatic columnist

" far the best book written on how to insure that your coin collection is never sold for pennies on the dollar. A book I highly recommend to all my clients."

- Dale Williams, professional numismatist

"A wealth of sound and practical information, written in a clear and concise manner. Must reading for every collector!"Leroy Van Allen, numismatic author and Morgan Dollar expert

"It is for everyone in numismatics and is even a "must have" for those who may become heirs, but lack the know-how of what to do next. Senior citizens, like myself, will be especially happy with the interesting stories of estates, etc... EVERYONE should own it if coins are involved in their activities. I highly recommend this book..."

- Lee Martin, Founder of the Numismatic Literary Guild

"How comprehensive is this book? I put it with my collection and told my daughter Sara to read it when it comes to handling my coin estate."

- Fred Weinberg, President of the Professional Numismatists Guild

"To those of us in the business of helping remove obstacles from the financial paths of clients, The Collector's Handbook is a valuable resource I would think that any advisor would want to have in their library. "

- Jeffrey Turner, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM professional, President of Chattanooga Estate Planning Council