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Table of Contents

Estate Planning For Collectors

The Importance of Planning

Here at Heritage, collecting is our passion, but there's nothing more important than family. While for some of us, our hobby is a family affair, quite often families have little interest in our collections, and even less knowledge of the collectibles market. Hundreds of times a year our consignment directors are contacted by the widows and children of deceased collectors because they have been made aware of Heritage's superior standing in the market. We also know of individuals who have purchased collections for pennies on the dollar because an estate was undervalued and improperly marketed by a seller incapable of commanding top prices. We invite you to take a few simple steps to ensure that the value of your own collection is maximized for your heirs and beneficiaries --- and ultimately that your legacy wishes are fulfilled.

Estate Planning Resources:

In just a few minutes' time, you can take a crucial step toward ensuring that your loved ones and philanthropic interests are protected for the future. The resources and sample documents below are provided for your reference and have been tailored by other collectors for their estate plan. A version of one of these signed document in your safe deposit box, or on file with your lawyer, could be of critical importance to your loved ones or charitable pursuits. We strongly recommend consulting with an estate attorney or estate planning professional to ensure that your wishes are clearly fulfilled.

For Estate Planning Professionals, Executors, Estate Attorneys, Trustees, Family Managers, Wealth Advisors, CPAs --- We know the importance of having a realistic, complete and of the true value of your client's art and collectible tangible holdings. Their collections may have considerable value and be an important asset of their estate. Often in areas of collecting --- such as Comic Books and Sports Memorabilia --- significant values have been overlooked. Please feel free to incorporate into your clients' Estate Plan some of the sample documents and resources presented on this website. Heritage's Trusts & Estates Department is always available to assist with the valuation, appraisal or sale of your clients' single items or complicated multi-faceted estate collections.

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